Yellowstone on My Mind

I came back to Yellowstone in the spring after nearly 20 years. Bears were coming out of hibernation and the iconic bison were shaking off their winter's coat of lethargy. I had forgotten how beautiful the place was, how rich the palette of colors and textures. I had forgotten its roar and the elegant silence of the Trumpeter swans on the Madison river. I came to learn more about photography at a seminar in West Yellowstone, but mostly I learned by hopping in a rental car and driving into the park and all it's farflung reaches. Spring is a great time to see Yellowstone, as are most seasons. The roads, closed during the bitterest days of winter, are reopening and life is renewing. You can expect warm sunshine. And snow. Here's a slide show I put together from images I captured during my week's stay. I'm using it as a stimulus for a project I'm working on to capture some of the animals of Yellowstone in a refreshing light. Be sure to see my Yellowstone Gallery for the latest. I hope you like the images.


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